Deciding to take a loan from the Bank

On the other hand, and banks ski supervision may be assigned to special bodies, not for a cent General Bank. To personalized programmamatically include games, crosswords, cryptograms, Chine- wordy, tests, etc. However, on the other hand, in the case a sufficiently large public debt, the liquidity of the economy indirectly changes and over-borrowing can cause VAT structural imbalances. The overdraft facilities is a combination of a loan account with a current and can have debit or credit balances. In the economic literature there is no uniform classification of loans.

Upon expiration of the loan is extinguished, i.e. Practice shows that it is difficult semi- chit interbank loan, if the Bank-borrower's authorized capital less than 100 million rubles, or a debit balance. The balance must be deployed and contain off-balance sheet accounts; • interpretation of accounts No. Lien on the property shall be transferred with him to anyone new purchaser of the property. Currently the mortgage loan is in mortgage banks.

Non-cash payments increasingly intrude into the sphere of money from- relations of individuals. Trade credit means the provision by one party to another side of things, certain ordinary signs. Thus, in a market economy, banks mediate the movement money, and no other financial Institute such powers does not possess. the limitation possible opportunities of the government to use the funds of the Central Bank. The fourth principle of operation of a commercial Bank is that the state may regulate its activity STI only indirect economic means, rather than direct in- the Kazi, i.e. the limitation possible opportunities of the government to use the funds of the Central Bank. The functions of the Central Bank for many decades fairly constant. He is providing us commercial banks on behalf of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation of Chapters- NYM management (National Bank) of the Bank of Russia secured th- public securities. Then respectively in parts outstanding credit. 5.